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The Dog Blog by Michleen Collins
An Unauthorized Autobidography of Spunky & Jasmine
Michleen Collins: The Dog Blog by Michleen Collins

About Abe Lincoln, from the bicentennial and beyond,
with a focus on his home, family, work and historic sites in Springfield, Illinois.
Quotes, history and shop for unique patriotic, Lincoln-inspired
apparel, gifts and products: –  Copywriting
Copywriting, creative concepts & strategy.
Other types of writing, too, such as news, feature stories, etc.
Expertise in:
Tourism, entertainment & recreation; community or regional promotion;
real estate, home and lifestyle; integrated medicine, healthy living and health care.
Also, packaging and branding for everything from toys, tools,
riverboats and racing to kids, pets, food and food service and more.

Somewhere on Route 66

Caravan to Collinsville on Route 66
by Michleen Collins
Photo above is courtesy of the brazen thieves who confiscated our fuzzy dice on the Caravan to Collinsville roadtrip/scavenger hunt, en route to winning the grand prize.

This site is a work in progress. Watch for more, including Route 66 links, coming soon.


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