Objects in the Mirror …

Are we there yet?

Road Trip Update:

Objects in the Mirror Are Closer than They Appear.

Got cabin fever? Hit the road!

Route 66 starts in Chicago goes through IL to the Collinsville/St. Louis area and on to LA.

Directions for the road – and the official Road-to-Collinsville road-trip/scavenger hunt – are coming soon.

Scavengers of all ages to your mark! You’ll pick up retro packages by finding strategic stops along Route 66.

We’ll start in Chicago if you have the time, bucks and an adventurous spirit. Or, meet up at the Joliet Welcome Center for a retro kick-off party. Then get set for a few more pit stops and photo opps en route to Collinsville, Illinois, in the shadow of its own kitschy ketchup-bottle water tower and the St. Louis Arch.

Watch for the next update or watch for the secret hidden in a series of Burma Shave signs!


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