Paws on Route 66

“Spunky would be so jealous.” – Jasmine

It’s a car. It’s a baby. It’s a convertible. It’s a convoy. It’s a dog. It’s TWO dogs. And maybe a small cat inclined to travel in cognito.

It’s all of the above. Joining the Caravan to Collinsville family reunion on Illinois Route 66.

A chocolate malt “to go,” please.

Route 66 is great for reunions – or anytime – you want to get away from it all and rediscover a time when life was a little simpler and the pace a little slower. It’s kid-friendly, family-friendly, adventurous-spirit friendly … and yes, pup- and/or kitty-cat friendly.

Not necessarily in that order. Or in the same car. Or hotel room. Or restaurant.

Cats will be cats. Dogs will be dogs. Babies will be babies.

And the writer of this blog cannot be held responsible for said paws, tails, tales and trails … or chocolate hand and paw prints.

Disney’s “Cars” movie soundtrack had it right. Life IS a highway. …

“Sometimes the road is ruff [sic] …” – Spunky

“[except for the pups] … it’s the cat’s meow!” – Grover (Jasmine & Spunky’s cute – but don’t tell him we said that – feline cousin.)

“Who invited the dogs?” – Grover

All creatures, great and small, who took part in the Route 66 Caravan to Collinsville road trip, had the requisite “roll with it” road-trip attitude. It worked.

Welcome Centers, retailers and other Scavenger Hunt participants along the way rolled out the proverbial welcome mat. Friendly folks, fellow Route 66 fans and small-town hospitality added to the fun.

The Mother Road still calls … drivers from here to California and beyond. Roadsters who ship their classic cars from Britain for the annual Route 66 Festival.

More on Route 66 coming soon. In the meantime, to learn more about Spunky and Jasmine’s on- or off-road adventures on Route 66, visit the dog blog.

Stay tuned!

Illinois Route 66. The Kicks Start Here!


Route 66 parade, Springfield, Illinois

Illinois Route 66 Road Trip & Reunion:
Caravan to Collinsville 

Caravan to Collinsville

Trip notes about a road trip and scavenger hunt test-driven
and found suitable for families and friends – including pets – or anyone
with an adventurous spirit. Get away from it all
and rediscover a time when the open road called and life seemed simpler.

Chicago to Collinsville/St. Louis on Illinois Route 66

Pass or be passed! Follow the classic cars and fellow time-travelers to Route 66. Ragtops down, radio up. Fast enough to win the scavenger hunt. Slow enough to read the Burma Shave signs and visitors-log comments left by visitors from around the world.

The Caravan to Collinsville adventure began as a family reunion/scavenger-hunt/road-trip, but you can drive it anytime.

It begins in downtown Chicago, the official beginning of Route 66. Or, you can bypass Chicago and choose the alternate starting point at the Joliet Route 66 Welcome Center and Museum. Take the scenic route to Springfield, IL, home of the annual Route 66 Festival, classic car night parade, and other Route 66 attractions and historic sites, including President Abraham Lincoln’s old stomping grounds.

Ride on to Collinsville/St. Louis where Steinbeck’s “Mother Road” heads west to California.

Take time to tailgate under the stars. Bring a blanket, lawn chairs and room for hot-buttered popcorn at the Route 66 Drive-In Theater. If you time it right, you’ll see some of the region’s best fireworks – the show before the show.

Exhibit A: The missing fuzzy dice

Soda fountains, frosty malts, root beer floats, whistle stops, ma ‘n pa shops … impromptu detours … kitschy roadside architecture … friendly folks … a taste of maple “sirrup” … retro halls … the thrill of the open road.

This site, like Route 66, is a work in progress.
Check back now and then. Or, follow the nearest vintage car to get your kicks on Illinois Route 66!

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